The Organogram

Seed of Life schools is well managed by a team of professionals. Our Administrative and Academic teams work hand in hand to give our students the best educational and learning experience.

The Office of the Principal and Vice-principal have a friendly and welcoming policy to both student and parents alike, always ready to  give necessary assistance and provide necessary information. The various heads of department are dedicated and hardworking, giving excellence to their work.


Participation in both international interschool competitions and Nigerian school competitions, by our students, especially secondary school competitions, are always encouraged and winning is a must. Every year, students from Seed of Life Schools have continued to perform excellently well and emerge winners at both state and national levels of inter secondary school competitions, quizzes and debates. Also, there are several secondary school competitions in Nigeria that we have participated in both individually and as a group. We have emerged winners of interschool competitions and winners of interschool contests as well. As a school with international standards we encourage our students to aspire to become world champions in every facet of life. We participate in various competitions which allow our students build their confidence outside the walls of Seed of Life Schools. These competitions also expose our students to new experiences and various opportunities open to young teenagers. We have emerged winners of many secondary school competitions and they include:


The Always Forward Ever campaign was built around a competition tagged ‘Always Moving Forward’ focused on inspiring girls between the ages of 12-18 to dream and think positively about their future. The competition encouraged girls to write futuristic profiles of themselves in ten years highlighting what they hope to achieve and how they will achieve it. The campaign involved symbolic road shows to over 50 schools in Lagos to drive participation among girls – aged 12-18 years who were encouraged to register and upload their essay “Me in Ten Years”. Likewise, students of Seed of Life Schools, Ibadan emerged as winners in the Always Forward Ever Competition claiming numerous cash prizes and many fun gifts.


The International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) is the World Championship Mathematics Competition for High School students and is held annually in a different country. The first IMO was held in 1959 in Romania, with 7 countries participating. It has gradually expanded to over 100 countries from 5 continents. Our students’ participation in the Olympiad Competition recorded excellent and exceptional participation in both state and regional categories.


The Cowbell Mathematics Competition remains one of the most renowned competitions among Nigerian schools and has been running concurrently for the past 18 years. Aimed at producing the best Mathematicians in both Junior and Senior level, Cowbell Mathematics competitions are regarded as advanced and difficult. Our students have continually excelled and come out tops in the regional and state categories of the Cowbell Mathematics Competition in both categories.